About Us


We can make your event excellent ! With the increased popularity of business conferences, many corporates are taking advantage of our services to make the experience memorable for their clients, prospects, partners, and, of course, employees.

Along with our partners, we produce, manage and coordinate speaking engagement events. We assist with venue selection, logistical support, transportation and accommodation, on site coordination, ticketing, advertising and more.

A beautiful venue, special sound effects, entertainment and delicious food will upscale your event, leaving the audience with a WOW impression associated with your brand.


Over the past few years, we have supported and helped a number of remarkable events all over the GTA, including festivals, fundraisers, corporate galas and musical performances. 

In 2019 we are aiming to work with performers from Canada, India  and others to organize their tours all over North America.


We will help you organize a trade show for your partners and multiple vendors working in your industry.

We manage your trade show: venue selection, floor plan preparation, management of vendors and sponsors, ticket sales, event coordination, equipment providence for vendor booths, hosting, staging and equipment, music, entertainment and more.

Please call us for details.